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Looking for an engagement ring that is truly unique and meaningful? Then you are in search of a vintage emerald ring. Besides being beautiful and elegant, they represent a blend of classic and unique designs, which captivate hearts.

Here we have some of the popular designs, along with a few tips for their care and styling. But first, let's check out how emerald rings have been trending from ancient Egyptians to Gen Z.

History of Emerald

Emeralds are more than a billion years old, and their first evidence was traced from Egypt. The world's first emerald was one of the beautiful gemstones that was owned by Cleopatra, the last ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra's mines in ancient Egypt were named so to prove her love for this precious green gemstone. Ancient Egyptians used emeralds not only to adorn jewelry but also used them in intricate burial rituals. North America and Rome are also listed in the history of emeralds. The expansion and modernization of the emerald industry began with the discovery of emerald deposits in Brazil and Zambia during the 18th to 20th centuries.

Check out some of Our Most Popular Vintage Style Emerald Rings

  1. Flower Inspired Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

    Virica Jewels' flower-inspired emerald and diamond engagement ring is an excellent vintage piece. The enchanting green hue of the emerald draws the attention of everyone,  making you the showstopper wherever you go, effortlessly radiating elegance and charm. A 6 MM round-shaped emerald takes center stage in this flower motif. This beautiful piece is not only artistically designed but also finely crafted with sparkling diamonds.

    Flower Inspired Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring
  2. Pear Shaped Emerald Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond

    "Just gorgeous" doesn't even begin to describe this pear-shaped cocktail emerald ring. The beauty of this ring is truly beyond words. A 5x7 MM pear-shaped emerald gemstone takes the center seat on the metal motif, which is encircled by a halo of striking diamonds. This exquisite design is crafted on a shank adorned with diamonds, creating a luxurious and captivating look.

    Pear Shaped Emerald Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond
  3. Emerald Statement Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

    Looking for a ring that says it all?  Then check out this emerald cut solitaire emerald ring with a diamond halo It features a 5x7 MM emerald-cut solitaire gemstone in the center encircled by sparkling Diamond gemstones to add more charm to the piece. Beautiful jewel piece for your all big or small days.

    Emerald Statement Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo
  4. Vintage Inspired Oval Emerald Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

    Beautiful flowers of emeralds and diamonds will look fresh all the time. This ring featuring a 5X7 MM oval emerald surrounded by dazzling diamonds in the form of petals is a breathtaking piece. For a luxurious touch, the design is crafted on high-quality metal, that can be customized according to your taste.

    Vintage Inspired Oval Emerald Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo
  5. Designer Engagement Ring with Teardrop Emerald and Diamond

    This designer engagement ring is going to be special for someone special. It features teardrop emeralds and shining diamonds that complement each other perfectly. A beautiful 5X7 MM teardrop emerald gemstone is surrounded by diamond stones, offering a regal look. The V shaped band, with a curve of shining diamonds and a diamond crown on emerald, looks captivating. Check out more details before buying.

    Designer Engagement Ring with Teardrop Emerald and Diamond
  6. Solitaire Green Emerald Engagement Ring with Diamond

    This solitaire green emerald engagement ring gracefully elevates your elegance and adds charm to your overall look. A 6X8 MM oval emerald symbolizing renewal and devotion is accentuated with diamond side stones to add a touch of brilliance. Check more details about the quality of gemstones and metals to learn more.

    Solitaire Green Emerald Engagement Ring with Diamond
  7. Timeless 3 Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

    This timeless 3 stone engagement ring features 4x6 MM oval shaped stunning emerald stones beautifully accentuated with sparkling diamonds. It’s a beautiful testament to love and symbolizes the past, present, and future of your love story. It will surely capture your heart in just one glance.

    Timeless 3 Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

Tips For Care

Your emerald ring is valuable and you need to take care of it, to keep it forever. For this, you need to understand how to wear it, when to take it off, how and when you should clean it, and how you should store it.

How to Wear?

Let’s start with how you can wear your emerald ring. Wearing your ring should be the last thing you should do, whenever getting ready for your day-to-day work or party looks. You should not wear it with contradictory stones or harsh stones it can damage the precious stone.

How to Clean?

Emerald ring regular cleaning is essential, as dirt and grim accumulate, along the prongs and settings. This can be done with the help of professionals and at home too. Ring should be cleansed in a mild soapy solution in a bowl with a soft brush. The top of the stone should not be brushed, and settings or hard-to-reach areas should be cleaned.

After proper brushing, the ring should be properly rinsed, so that no soapy residues are left. Then with a soft microfiber cloth, the emerald ring should be dried. Before storing keep a check that’s completely moisture free.

How to protect?

To keep your ring shining for a long time and protect it from wear and tear, you should understand when to take it off. Here are they:

  1. During Work-outs: Your ring can be chipped or damaged

  2. Engaging in Any type of Labor Work: During Gardening, cleaning, mopping, etc your gemstone can be harmed.

  3. Playing Sports: Hits during games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc can damage your ring.

  4. Sleeping: Sleep postures can create pressure.

  5. Avoid Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

  6. Take them off during Swimming and Showering

  7. Don’t wear them while applying Beauty Products

How to Style?

Understanding how to style your emerald rings is very important. If you pair them with other accessories that don’t complement them well it can just mess up all the look.
Always choose other accessories wisely.

  1. Check your clothing, don’t opt for dresses with long sleeves. Look for monochromatic colors, and skip dresses with unusual patterns or prints.

  2. Don’t pair them with other vibrant gemstones, if you want your royal jewel to shine at most.

For a complete and fascinating casual wear look, pair them with your denim and white shirt. You can easily choose them for your day-to-day wear, but remember to take care too.
When opting to pair statement emerald rings with your evening gown, keep other jewelry minimal. This way, your precious ring becomes the focal point, helping you cherish the added elegance.

Wrapping Up

Timeless history of emeralds that, dates back over a billion years, can be traced with origins from Egypt, where Cleopatra famously treasured them. Their significance extends beyond adornment, being used in ancient Egyptian rituals. Modernization of the emerald industry began in Brazil and Zambia during the 18th to 20th centuries. Emerald ring caring involves wearing them last, cleaning gently with mild soapy solutions, and protecting them from harsh activities and chemicals. Styling tips include pairing emerald rings with complementary accessories, choosing monochromatic outfits, and letting the emerald shine as a focal point for both casual and formal looks.


  1. Is emerald good for an engagement ring?

    Emerald rings symbolize growth, renewal, and prosperity, which can reflect your new beginning full of love and hope. Besides being a stunning and meaningful choice, they are also durable and timeless. This combination of beauty, symbolism, and longevity makes emerald rings a perfect choice for engagement rings.

  2. Can vintage emerald rings be customized?

    Yes, they can be customized according to the specific needs and requirements. One can choose his design, gemstone shape and cut, as well as engravings if one wants.. Emeralds shine differently with various metals, giving your ring a unique and special look, just like your love.

  3. Why Emerald Rings are expensive?

    Emerald stone is rare and high in demand due to its striking beauty, durability and a number of other factors. Million of years of formation process restricts its limited supply and contributes to its high value. Highly sought after for jewelry they are rarer than diamonds.

  4. Is Emerald more worth than diamonds?

    High quality emeralds with intense green color and minimal inclusions, are generally more valuable than diamonds. These large sized emeralds of supreme quality are exceptionally rare and fetch higher prices due to their scarcity. Although diamonds are universally popular, but unique appeal and limited supply of these green stones have made more valuable in the market.

  5. Are Emerald rings a good investment?

    The rarity and unique beauty of high-quality emerald stones makes emerald rings a good investment choice.  Emeralds with vivid color and minimal inclusions are generally preferred as their value appreciates over time. It’s better to consult an expert before making a purchase, so that stones quality and market prospects can be better understood.

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