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Natural Emerald Stud Earrings Online

Emerald earrings are the perfect ‘something green’ pair, that every woman’s jewelry collection needs. Handcrafted in a variety of designs that speak to everyone to complement her unique style. Whether you love classics or contemporary, or you want something vintage style, our emerald stud earrings are here to define your style.

What are Natural Emerald Earrings?

Natural emerald earrings showcasing 100% real emeralds as the centerpiece, giving out the best captivating beauty of the gemstone. Emerald, one of the four precious gemstones, belongs to the Beryl family and they are celebrated for their lush green hue, which can range from blue-green to deep pure green. As the birthstone for May, cherished their vibrant color and natural charm.

What does the Emerald Earring symbolize?

Natural emerald earrings symbolize youth, rebirth, growth, good fortune, and peace. They are said to represent truth, love, hope, and faith making them a perfect and meaningful gift.

Besides that, if you look at it astrologically, a genuine emerald is treasured as the birthstone of May, owing to which it is considered lucky for those born in this month.

These emerald earrings are truly beautiful inside and out, making them a prized addition to your jewelry collection. But if you’re wondering where to buy Emerald Earrings? Well, Virica Jewels has been a one-stop online destination that goes the extra mile with fine craftsmanship and high quality to give life to our incredible range of emerald stud earrings.

So, without furthur ado let’s introduce you to our emerald earring collection and get you a step closer to finding the perfect pair.

Popular Styles of Emerald Stud Earrings (You’ll Love to Wear Forever)

  1. Classic

    A classic pair of earrings never goes out of style. It’s an absolute go-to staple of every jewelry collection. When it comes to emeralds, they have a vibrant pop of color that instantly elevates the look. Not only do they fit well, but also go with every look, thanks to the many shapes they are crafted in. While Round Emerald Stud Earrings are a timeless classic pair.

  2. Heart

    We all know the significance of heart jewelry, a pair of genuine emerald heart earrings will surely leave you mesmerized. Featuring lush green emerald gemstones, these stunning pieces make a perfect gift, as nothing beats the charm of emerald earrings. And we all believe in self-love, isn’t it? It’s an incredible choice for you too!

  3. Nature Inspired

    A pair of studs, inspired by nature makes it dreamy! If you want to style more points you can simply add some color to them. A stunning pair of nature-inspired emerald earrings will do. Not only adds a pop of color to your attire but also brings a charm of feminine allure to your look.

  4. Statement

    If you appreciate statement styles, our emerald studs might just be your next jewelry collection that will leave you in awe. Featuring lush green emerald gemstones, exuding a stunning look. Statement earrings are the perfect way to enhance the appearance with bold, funky, and geometric designs, that’ll glam up any outfit instantly.

  5. Vintage Inspired

    Vintage inspired earrings represent the best from the past - something like Art Deco, with more geometric and old-school designs. These vintage-style earrings are perfect to add a fresh twist to any classic look and you’ll never think to style them with your every outfit.

Why Buy Emerald Earrings from Virica Jewels?

With a motive to never let our customers settle for anything less, Virica Jewels has established itself as the one-stop jewelry destination that offers the finest AAA quality emerald jewelry. What makes us stand out, is the mission to cater to every occasion, style, and personality with a versatile catalog that has something for everyone. Our team of artisans handcraft each piece of jewelry with perfection, with the highest standard of quality.

100% Real and Certified Emeralds

Whether it's an everyday emerald earring or a statement one, there is something for everyone for special occasions, each emerald goes through legitimate stages of quality check, assessment, and a certificate of authenticity. We hand out a certified along with every parcel.

We also provide an option of Lab grown emeralds (best AAAA quality grade) for the ones who want something affordable with a lower price tag.

Color and Quality

We only handcrafted 100% natural emeralds that fetch the best lush green color.
Want to know the best part? They are much more affordable (without compromising on the appearance so it's a win-win situation).

For clarity, we can call Emeralds belonging to the AAA quality grade your best bet. That’s because although these natural emeralds are home to some imperfections so minimal you can’t even see with the naked eye, you’ll find it impossible to detect any flaw or inclusion.


Metal plays an important role in any jewelry, we only handcrafted emerald earrings in precious metal i.e., gold and silver. Their shiny appearance and resistance to corrosion make them an ideal choice for jewelry.

Moreover, to ensure that gold is in its purest form, we have hallmarked all our emerald gold stud earrings. To make them even more durable for the daily wear and tear.

  • White Gold: If you’re looking for something neutral, emerald white gold earrings are the perfect way to enhance your look without putting in extra effort.

  • Yellow Gold: A pair of emerald yellow gold earrings radiate a classic and sophisticated look. It's undeniable, that yellow gold brings out the maximum green hue of emerald.

  • Silver: Emerald gemstones are a beautiful lush green color. Silver highlights the emerald’s allure and being resistant to corrosion makes them an ideal choice.


A pair of simple, vintage, or statement emerald earrings, we handcraft in an array of settings that only fit well with the design with also secure the gemstone so you don’t have to worry at all, about any kind of damage. Here are some of the best settings we’ve included: Bezel, Prong, Double Prong, etc.

The Bezel setting is secure as it encircles the gemstone on all sides by the metal. Prong Set are considered to be one of the most popular settings and make a classic choice as there can be 3 to 4 prongs that hold the stone securely.