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Buying Emerald Necklaces from Virica Jewels

Emerald necklace adorns your neckline with a beautiful green color, in whatever style you choose. Emerald is the birthstone for May, it makes an incredible gift for someone born in May. Our genuine emerald necklaces are perfect for any occasion, these pieces add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your jewelry collection. From delicate pendants to statement necklaces, find a beautiful style to wear.

Our emerald necklace jewelry collection features 100% certified real emeralds (AAA quality), and every piece of jewelry is crafted with high precision and high standards. Pick up your style from our collection which includes floral necklaces, solitaire necklaces, heart necklaces, and more statement necklaces.

Why Choose an Emerald Necklace?

Emerald’s Symbolism: Emeralds are precious gemstones known for their rich green hue and timeless beauty. Besides being eye-catching, long-lasting, and durable, they are symbols of love, romance, and peace. When crafted into a necklace, they become stunning jewelry pieces that can uplift your attire and appearance.

Emerald Combination with Other Gems: Emerald necklaces boast unique designs all because of their varied shapes and cuts, such as princess or emerald and more. Their versatility shines through when paired with other precious stones like diamonds, offering a wide range of elegant and distinctive combinations. And this is the reason people are choosing them for their special occasions and day-to-day wear too.

Other Benefits Of Wearing Emerald Pendants

Emeralds are known for their healing and revitalizing properties. They bring life and nourishment to the wearer through the green ray's life-giving energy. The rejuvenating quality of emerald helps in re-vitalizing tired organs.

Emeralds are heart stones that ease emotional pain and fill the wearer with hope, encouragement, and gentleness They help keep the physical body fit by neutralizing disharmonies that cause diseases. Additionally, they can help heal the mental and emotional causes of physical illness.

Evaluate the Quality of Emerald

  • COLOR: Emeralds have a rich dark green hue. The most valuable emerald has a vivid hue without being too dark. Traditional emeralds should be the perfect balance between yellow and blue - a pure green hue.

  • CUT: Emerald’s cut impact on the overall beauty of the stone. A well-cut emerald will have a mask color variation, inclusions, and imperfections.

  • CLARITY: The clarity of an emerald is determined by the number of inclusions present in it. Always choose an emerald with less inclusion visibility. That’s why we offer AAA-quality green emeralds.

  • CARAT: The Carat weight of an emerald gemstone directly impacts the price of the emerald. People do get confused, it's not the size of the gem, it’s the weight of the gem.

Choosing Emerald Necklaces for Your Special Occasions:

Weddings: An emerald necklace can help you in gathering that big attention, that you dream of on your big day or become a center of attraction at any party or gathering. A wedding dress with finer details can be adorned with a simple emerald necklace and an elegant gown with a striking emerald necklace can do wonders.

Anniversaries: Whatever you have opted for your anniversary celebration a formal gown or a chic dress an emerald necklace can make you look more beautiful. However emerald jewelry is opted as the best gift too.

Special Events: For any special events of your life you can choose them according to the event’s tone and setting.

Steps to follow while buying an Emerald Necklace:

Necklace Style: First and most important is to check the necklace style that best complements your occasion taste.

The Authenticity of the Emerald: Secondly, check the gemstone certificate that proves the authenticity of the stone. You will get all the details in this certificate about your mineral gemstone. For getting a maximum clarity stone, check the flaws and inclusions.
Next is to check the cut, shape, and symmetry of the stone that affects its brilliance, shine, and ultimately its beauty.

Lastly check the metal setting that looks best in that design, like the white gold, and yellow gold metal (10k, 14k, 18k). We craft amazing designs in 92.5 sterling silver too.

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Virica’s Difference

At Virica Jewels, we stand on our commitment to deliver nothing less than the best. We handcrafted each piece of jewelry with the utmost attention and detail. Here are some reasons why you should buy emerald necklaces by Virica Jewels. These reasons make them stand out:

  • High-Quality Materials: Our emerald necklaces are available in 10K, 14K, and 18K Yellow, White Gold, and 92.5 Sterling Silver Metal. Each emerald necklace is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each metal is selected for its beauty and durability.

  • Exceptional Emeralds: All the emerald gemstones used in our jewelry are 100% genuine and certified. We provide a certificate of authenticity with every piece of jewelry.


  • In which metal emerald necklace looks best?

    Emerald necklace looks best in gold, whatever you choose white or yellow gold, it will look amazing. It depends upon the taste of the wearer, skin tone also plays a great role in metal selection.

  • Should I buy an emerald necklace for my big day?

    Yes, you should. If you love unique and trending jewelry, then emerald necklaces can be the best choice. Just consider your dress color and style, to get the best piece that complements well.

  • Do emeralds signify an anniversary year?

    Emerald jewelry is the perfect choice for the 55th wedding anniversary.

  • How do I test whether the emerald in my necklace is real or fake?

    To check the authenticity of any gemstone, experts should be referred. The Hue of the gemstone to some extent can help like, If it is bluish or yellowish the “emerald” may not be real.

  • How can I prevent my emerald necklace from tarnishing?

    Proper cleaning helps prevent tarnishing. This gemstone should be soaked in warm water and mixed with a mild liquid wash. With a brush or soft cloth the gem piece should be scrubbed and then completely dried.

  • Can you wear an emerald necklace every day?

    Yes, you can choose an emerald necklace as a day-to-day wear accessory. Emeralds are relatively hard, with a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8, but be sure to avoid engaging in any labor activities while wearing them, as they are prone to chipping and cracking due to internal inclusions.